Dominican praise songs

Alabare a mi señor – We were blessed to have the opportunity to sing some local church songs with Antonia (left) and Teresa (right) on a Saturday afternoon. This was part of our language exchange in the campo (rural mountain village) called Arroyo del Toro.

Here are the photos of the Spanish lyrics from Teresa’s song book.

Song lyrics should be here, but they did not load :(

I will praise (5x) my Lord
John looked at the number of the redeemed
And they all were praising the Lord
Some were praying, others singing
And they all were praising the Lord
United together, we gladly sing
glory and praise to the Lord
Glory to the Father, Glory to the Son,
and Glory to the Spirit of Love
We are your children, God the eternal Father,
You have created us with love;
We praise you, we bless you
And all sing in your honor

Demos gracias al señor-

Demos Gracias
We give thanks to the Lord, we give thanks,
We gives thanks to the Lord (x2)
1.  In the morning, as it rises,
the day sings, I sing to the Creator (x2)
2.  When the night stretches (its arms),
and sleepily prays, I pray to the Creator (x2) (chorus)
3.  Within my chest, when I feel alive,
my thoughts smile at the Creator (x2)
4.  When my heart flutters,
I give thanks and sing to the Creator (x2)
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