Annual Update 2012

Health. Faith. Community Partnerships.
When we chose these ministry values almost two years ago, we didn’t know just how accurate they would be!  Health, Faith, and Community Partnerships are concepts so interwoven in what we do- we can hardly separate one from the other. We are thankful for a God whose love taught us this. A God concerned with people: with our hearts, minds, spirits, bodies and relationships with one another. What a good God we serve, and what good company we have serving with you.

Meeting with two colleagues at PUCMM University to review the PT program’s curriculum

Highlights: Year at a Glance
Physical Therapy Curriculum Development: weekly meetings, growing friendships, improvements in complex thinking. Building a future of quality patient care! Building a foundation for competent and compassionate health care providers.

Parish Health Care: responding to church member health needs, donating blood, physical therapy in our community after hip replacements and strokes, sharing life and eating good food. Building Gods kingdom here with us.

Laurie and some kids from the Bread of Life ministry. You might recognize Junior from other pictures we’ve posted.

Child Sponsorship Ministry: laughing, scolding, jumping, learning, eating, praying. Building discipleship relationships.

Physical Therapy Needs Assessment: Visiting, observing, listening, reading, writing, and teaching. Building relationships and change from within in the health care community.

Global Partnerships Panama: missionary retreat, spiritual nourishment. A World physical therapy conference brings relationships. Building relationships will bring the president of the World PT Association to speak in the DR in February. Investing in the future of compassionate health care.

Money as Blessing- Annual Appeal: 2013
We look back on 2012 with deep gratitude. At times we’ve felt alone in our new home. But this is simply not true! God is present and real in our new, however different Dominican relationships and church.  And you are present in your prayers, calls, notes and donations. There are nearly 200 of you that have donated at one time or another, and many monthly donors. Raising support is decidedly not fun. But it’s teaching us gratefulness & openness, and concretely connecting us to you. Thanks be to God!

As we look towards the next year, we can’t report a reduction in financial need as we did last year. Our rent rose 10%, as DR laws do not protect the consumer like those in the US often do. Taxes are also rising. Normally, processed foods are taxed at 16%, while basic foods are not taxed. Taxes are set to rise in January on basic food items like rice, sugar and coffee, starting at 8%, and growing to 16% in the next 2 years. As you can imagine, society in general is alarmed and protests are mounting, as this overwhelmingly affects the most poor among us. Pray for non-violent solutions to financial crises- a medical student was recently killed in a protest.

In addition to normal ministry activities, we were grateful to be able to give to our neighbors under last year’s budget. It meant the freedom to add fruit to the kids’ diets, buy dictionaries and sponsor a trip to the beach; to respond to emergency dental needs and help fund a first annual physical therapy conference. Besides an abundance of guests, we’ve used our home to store 4 hair dresser chairs with head dryer thingies and the cockroaches that came with them while a church member was in crisis. What a gift it is to be able to respond in these ways. Thanks for your gifts that allow us to do so.

Donations this year helped support our church’s child sponsorship ministry, including new English dictionaries for the kids who are learning a second language.

Looking at the year ahead, to continue ministry work, our total budget is will increase slightly. Assuming our current monthly donors continue, we still have a need for additional support to meet ministry goals and personal needs.

Please consider this our Annual Appeal, and think about partnering with us for Health, Faith, and with our Community in the Dominican Republic as a monthly, annual or first time donor.  We look forward to hearing from you!

We give thanks to you, our friends and family,

Nick and Laurie

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