2013 Annual Update

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Dominicanas learning and growing at the church child development center

Thank You for another year of partnership. Together, we have learned much and worked hard!

Parish Health Care: Providing physical therapy for pastors, grandpas and moms who can’t afford it, or who don’t have access yet to the quality of care required to resolve their problem. Sponsoring a Nazarene physical therapist who needed work to provide 2 months of treatment to a woman with spinal cord injury with few resources. Engaging in God’s healing by filling in gaps in care with a focus on sustainability.

Physical Therapy Education: Continuing revision of the university curriculum, with the new program to be implemented in 2015. Teaching our first college classes, and witnessing enthusiasm and improvements in critical thinking. Building a sustainable future of quality patient care.

Laurie teaching students in here Neuromuscular lab class

Laurie teaching students in her Neuromuscular PT lab class

Building a Healthy Church: Teaching kids living in urban poverty every week through prayer, laughter, singing, school and Bible lessons, and eating. Several kids are now active leaders in the church. Writing a church assessment tool, currently in use in Central America & the Caribbean for discerning where and how Nazarene church ministries can be encouraged further. Supporting and encouraging one another.

Rehabilitation Conference: Planning, leadership building, motivating, and working with national & international speakers. After a full house of 220 participants in Feb 2013, the second “Congreso OTFOL” is set for March 2014. Stimulating learning & leadership in areas of health care shortage.


Therapists at the first OTFOL conference

Global Partnerships: with YOU: Students, friends, physicians, musicians, cousins, pastors, dads, therapists, and church family. You make great coworkers. Investing in hope & healing, together.

Personal Report
The mysteries of marriage and pregnancy continue to grow in our lives in exciting ways, and we are grateful!  Please pray for a fruitful and peaceful time with Laurie’s family, as we plan a trip to California surrounding the due date, April 4th. Just this morning we found out that it´s a boy!

We continue to find joy, great challenge and blessing in this work. We feel that we have at least 2 more years of full time ministry in the DR ahead, journeying on the path that God has laid for us here. Friendships and partnerships continue to flourish and outweigh the challenges. God providing, we will head back home to Santiago after becoming a family of three!

Looking Ahead: Money as Blessing in 2014
We are full of gratitude for your partnership over the last 2.5 years. We have only been able to engage in ministry here because of you- your prayers, calls, notes and donations have sustained us. Thank you.

Our 2014 ministry need is $9,200

In last year’s budget, one of the few places we ran over was in the area of “Compassionate Ministry.” We consider that a good thing. Looking at the year ahead, our budget will go up with increasing compassionate ministries needs and our new baby. Given ongoing donations from a faithful team of monthly supporters, we need to raise an additional $9,200 of tax deductible support for 2014.  Will you partner with us?  15 new donors at $50/month could cover the need, and all donations at any level are welcome, as 27% of our budget has come from single donations.

Strictly keeping a Wednesday date night has been great for our marriage.

Strictly keeping a Wednesday date night has been great for our marriage.

What a good God we serve, and what good company we have serving with you. Love,

Nick and Laurie Kietzman-Greer

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