March 2014

Role playing patient scenarios at a faculty workshop

Role playing patient scenarios at a faculty workshop

Dear partners and friends,

Greetings from California! We have arrived and are settling in for our son’s arrival in < 2 weeks! We are quite well and enjoying anew some of the everyday pleasures of the urban US, including:

1. comparably excellent health care
2. not obsessing about charging devices because the electricity will never go out!
3. not having to travel everywhere with water bottles, because there is always a source of clean drinking water! 
4. the miracle of oranges and grapes without seeds! 

We are also especially grateful for US church services that speak to us in the ways perhaps only your native tongue and culture do, and are enjoying old friends & family.  We still find ourselves standing at flushed toilets having forgotten that TP can go in there too, but have almost got the hang of it again. The change of pace has been a comfort in the midst of the ultimate flexibility of waiting for a first baby to arrive.

To catch you up on the closing and beginning of our year in the Dominican Republic, we first need to extend our deep gratitude, once again, for your partnership in supporting us, the church and health care development in Santiago. Yet again, old friends and several new donors stepped into the gaps to help fill the budget needs for next year. Despite larger financial needs with a child this year, we expect that all will be well with finances for 2014!  Thank you, faithful friends and partners.

Reinforcing case studies as a useful teaching strategy

Reinforcing case studies as a useful teaching strategy

Laurie organized and facilitated a full-day workshop for the PT faculty at PUCMM university.

Laurie organized and facilitated a full-day workshop for the PT faculty at PUCMM university.


As we have received, so we were able to give and accompany others in this grace of giving.  Nick facilitated Christmas gifts for the kid’s ministry in an unexpected offer from his running group buddies. We were able to purchase a chalk board, a sturdy basketball, and some kid’s Bible story materials in Spanish to boost the program.  We spent Christmas time between a church dinner, introducing 2 families to the gingerbread making process, and with missionary friends. In late Feb., we were stretched in new ways by teaching a 4 hour continuing education class to the university physical therapy professors, covering basic clinical reasoning skills and how to teach reasoning in the class room with patient cases. We all enjoyed it so much, that we are sure to continue this type of professor training when we get back.

Bible study at the children's ministry

Bible study at the children’s ministry

We were thrilled to be in CA for the arrival of Laurie’s brother’s first child, and will keep you updated as to when our own Baby Boy makes his appearance!  We thank you for all of your prayers surrounding his birth, and for the many ways we have been gifted by you throughout 2013.  May we all continue to share what we have been given, participating in reflecting the multifaceted ways God appears in the world in and despite of us.

Blessings for wisdom and joy in your work and play this spring.  With much love and thanks,

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Nick & Laurie

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