Christmas 2015


Merry Christmas from the Kietzman-Greers!


Physical therapy professors at Christmas party

We write with a mix of sad and glad tidings this Christmas! We’ve had a lot of fun these last few weeks with a university Christmas party, a wedding, and presents and dinner at our church’s child sponsorship ministry. But, the Grinch also tried to steal Christmas this year at our house!
We first had a wonderful two nights up in the “campo” rural mountains with two families. We were especially glad to spend Christmas there this year as one of the dads passed away recently. Happily, we survived a day of unrefridgerated pig roast leftovers (not enough electricity there to support fridges)!

Upon returning home on the 26th, we found that the entire set of bars on Daniel’s window had been chiseled out of the cement wall. Someone had entered and stolen a laptop and money from a recently cashed university paycheck and emergency funds, among other smaller things. At first I (Laurie) felt mostly peaceful that at least we didn’t have a ton of stuff worth stealing, and thankful that this didn’t occur while we were home, as it has with others we know. Later that night though, the feelings of our personal space being violated, and the realities of cleaning up, replacing things, and realizing we need to be wiser to prevent this in the future set in. Nick hardly slept. By today, we are regaining a sense of normalcy in our home.

Thanks for listening and praying. We would much rather have shared what we have with these folks in ways that were more life-giving to us both. May this renew our urgency to live lives faithful to the scriptures together, loving, serving and sharing what we have with one another, so that stealing may never feel like anyone’s only recourse.

Finally, this robbery has added around $1,800 to the $6,500 remaining in our budget needs for next year. If you have ever considered giving to health development work in the Dominican Republic, your partnership is especially welcomed and appreciated this year. Peace and Joy be with you this season!


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